The source of my work stems from an interest in developing distinctive visual compositions. I use metal fabrication to join and combine abstract and nonobjective shapes into a variety of different arrangements. I am constantly looking for unique relationships among lines and surface planes that have the ability to evoke an emotional response, much like that of a composer arranging musical notes. I have always been inspired by unusual geologic formations found in nature, much like the rock formations in Arches National Park and many of the other interesting rock formations found out west. I am also interested in the shape of wings and how these structures enable the ability of flight, both literally and metaphorically. My sculptures are intended to possess a strong sense of dynamic energy, that somehow lifts the spirit, using rhythm and asymmetrical balance. A search for harmony in the forms is always at the heart of this process.
Artist Statement
I was born in Vicksburg, MS. and grew up in southern Louisiana. As a child I grew up with an affinity to drawing and making things with my hands. In high school, there were no Art classes, so I took 4 years of technical drafting classes. I fell in love with the technical aspect of details and precision using a drafting pencil and compass. Later, I attended Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA where I received a degree in Graphic Design in 1999. During that time, I studied Sculpture under Rivers Murphy and decided my heart was there in the sculpture lab. He introduced me to the same level of precision, detail, and craftsmanship through tools and materials that I appreciated while drafting in high school. I stayed there for 2 more years building a sculpture portfolio and earning a MA. After that I went to the University of Arizona in Tucson where I earned an MFA in Sculpture in 2004. Since then, I have been living in Denham Springs, LA making and exhibiting work while teaching Talented Art at a high school.
Artist Bio
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